2018 Michigan Horse Expo

March 9th-11th, 2018

Midwest Mounted Archers

All Breeds All Speed

MMA is the first to bring Mounted Archery to Michigan and the Midwest. MMA also has the Highest Safety and Instruction Standards in the United States. The founder, Heather Grace, is a certified USA Archery Instructor and experienced equestrian. Grace and her horse Idunn, have traveled 3000+ miles across 6 states together camping and riding more than 40 trail systems. While they love the trails and Mounted Archery they have also Driven, Team Sorted, Cow Penned, CMOed, completed multiple 35 Miles Limited Distance (LD) Endurance rides, performed on Drill Teams and serve the community through Mounted Sheriff/Police Units.

Grace also brings a lifetime of community service as well as administrative and educational experience including BSW (Bachelors of Social Work), MA (Masters in Education & Counseling) to building the first strategic preservation of the tradition and growth of Horseback Archery in the Midwest. Grace has brought over two dozen events to Michigan, which is the Center of Mounted Archery in the Midwest; helped build and promote over ten Mounted Archery Groups/Chapters/Clubs in the Midwest; Created Youth Scholarships; Nominated, Board, PR and Youth Leaders Nationally to The Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3) and implemented the first progression of learning for Ground and Mounted Archery Instructors through partnerships with USA Archery and World Champion/Founder of Mounted Archery in United States, Lukas Novotny. MMA is also proud to be home to the First Ever Mounted Archery Performance Team in the United States!

The MMA Performance Team (MMA PT) provides a unique opportunity for horsewo(men) to advance their Horsemanship, Archery and Mounted skills working not only in partnership with their horses between reined and reinless riding, but as a Teammate where Team Work, Emotional Intelligence and Safety are key. Performance Team Members must commit to monthly Ground and Mounted practice as well as continuing education and training in the sport and tradition as well as share the workload for team tasks. Grace will be scouting for talent and team oriented individuals in 2018. In addition to Grace who has performed on Teams at high school, collegiate and equestrian levels, current MMA PT members include: a former eventer and equestrian coach, a veterinarian active on a Mounted Division as well an English and Western Dressage Instructor, Vaulting and Working Equitation Coach.

Accurate thumb draw ground shooters are also welcome to try out for the MMA PT Team as we all start on the ground. Strong form and accuracy along with an understanding and commitment to safety procedures are paramount to any serious Mounted Archer. MMA does not tolerate bullying, drama or individuals who misdirect energy. MMA is focused on preserving the tradition and ethical growth of the sport. Volunteers who share that commitment can share their time and talents in many capacities toward that mission.

Over 100 Beginners have come through MMA from more than five States in just two years, either through Ground Instruction or Horseback Clinics. All start on the ground as shooting live ammo by horseback is a high risk sport for horse, rider and others. Some have gone on to start their own groups, some are training to compete Nationally or Internationally, others just cross this off their Bucket List or shoot recreationally from home. Clinics SELL OUT each year. To learn more about the sport visit the MMA Booth at the Expo, Check Out: MMA, Midwest Mounted Archers, Michigan Mounted Archers on FaceBook or visit: www.MidwestMountedArchers.com.

Performances on horseback by the MMA will take place on:

  • Friday, March 9
    • Main Arena, 5:00-6:00 p.m. – Demonstration and Instruction
  • Saturday, March 10
    • Main Arena, 2:45-3:30 – Drill Team Exhibition

Ground Archery demonstrations will take place throughout the weekend in the Wash Rack located in the Stallion Area. Check the MMA booth for exact times.

Friday ~ Michigan HS Rodeo

Saturday ~ Reining Event (Open, Freestyle & Youth)

Sunday ~ Ranch Rodeo

Midwest Mounted Archers

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