Goat TyingPut on your hats and boots, and attend the Michigan High School Rodeo Association Rodeo at the 2017 Michigan Horse Expo on Friday evening, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Thrill to the excitement of the “rough stock” riders, those riding the Bareback Broncs, Saddle Broncs…..and BULLS! Gasp at the speed of the barrel racers and pole bending contestants. Remark on the precision of the ropers….and cheer on all these youthful contestants! They ride not for cash prizes, but for the Championship Jackets awarded in each event by the Michigan Horse Expo….plus points towards scholarships offered by the MHSRA.

Pole Bending

All contestants are members of the Michigan High School Rodeo Association, along with invited members of the Ontario High School Rodeo Association.

Team Roping

Want to learn more about the Michigan High School Rodeo and its events? We’ve included more info HERE.

Thank you to Twisted P Rodeo for the smooth operation of this rodeo and its livestock.

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