You might see our photographer taking pictures of your favorite Stallion, a Main Arena Event or in the isles of our exhibitors and vendors. You might wonder who she is and where you can find her photos. Well, here’s the information you are looking for!

Denise Webber, is from Marshall Michigan. She operates Nottawa Paint Horses LLC, a boarding and lesson facility. Loving the art of pictures came from her mother and she started her at a young age with the appreciation of photos. She loves capturing the moments in time that are special to people. Denise is a recorder of history, with a special fondness to horses and their owners. She is looking forward to what images she can capture at the 2017 Michigan Horse Expo and to be honest, we are proud to have her behind the camera representing us! If you are interested in any photos that Denise may have taken, or would like to arrange some pictures for her to take while she is there, you can contact her directly at:

Denise Webber, Marshall, MI