2018 Michigan Horse Expo

March 9th-11th, 2018

Ranch Rodeo

Join us on Sunday March 11th to celebrate the heritage of the American Cowboy as they compete in teams for the rights to be called the best ranch hands.  Teams are competing in events based on the typical jobs of working cowboys.  These events may include;  roping, branding, sorting, trailer loading, mutton busting & saddle bronc riding.    Teams must achieve their goal but there are no rules!  Anything goes!   The competitors are by invitation only, guaranteeing the most talented & experienced cowboys/cowgirls.  Action packed, unpredictable fun.

For years cowboys have used nothing but a good horse and a long rope to care for animals in the open. These everyday ranch jobs were turned into a somewhat friendly competition, pitting ranch hands against one another. “Braggin’ Rights” were considered the ultimate prize. The American cowboy has been a worldwide icon since the early 1800s. Today the heritage, values, and traditions of the working ranch are still alive and
well. Ranch cowboys are out there living the lifestyle – calving, branding, gathering and doctoring cattle – keeping our ranching traditions alive.

Ranch Rodeo is a team event, with each team consisting of four members. At least one member of a team must participate in each of the events offered. The Michigan Horse Expo Ranch Rodeo is an invitational event. For information about entries, contact Stuart Pletcher at twistedprodeo@yahoo.com.

Team Branding – when cowboys find a slick hide on the range, it must be branded before a cow thief borrows your calf.
Trailer Loading – in cases where an animal needs more attention than can be given in the open, they must be loaded. Having no fences can prove interesting.
Ranch Bronc Riding – When the morning air is cool, ranch horses are often a bit fresh. A good cowboy still has to be able to get a day’s work done.
Feed Lot Sorting – Cowboys check pens every day for cattle that might need attention or need to be moved. They must remove certain cattle without spilling the whole pen.

Stock, personnel and equipment for the Michigan Horse Expo Ranch Rodeo is supplied by Twisted P Rodeo Company, LLC., owned and operated by Stuart Pletcher, is a family owned and operated working cattle and horse ranch.  They produce several major rodeos in Michigan as well as events for the Michigan High School Rodeo Association, Michigan Ropers Association and are very proud to be the official stock contractor for the Dodge Ram Rodeo Tour in Ontario, Canada. For more information on Twisted P Rodeo Co.  go to www.twistedprodeo.com or you can find us on facebook.

Friday ~ Michigan HS Rodeo

Saturday ~ Reining Event (Open, Freestyle & Youth)

Sunday ~ Ranch Rodeo

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