2018 Michigan Horse Expo

March 9th-11th, 2018


Volunteers serving at least one (1) 4-hour shift will receive free admission to the Michigan Horse Expo for that day. (Volunteers working either Wednesday or Thursday, will receive free admission for one day during the Expo. Also, each volunteer working a minimum of one (1) four-hour shift will receive a MHC volunteer t-shirt, to be worn while volunteering only.For students needing volunteer service hours, forms will be available upon request.

For information, contact Marilyn Graff, 231-821-2487 or email: m.marilyngraff@frontier.com

Volunteer Application Form

Tell us in which areas you are interested in volunteering:

*Horse Council Members Will Receive First Consideration.
**Working the Horse Council Booth Will Require You To Do All of the Following:
  • Act as “Information Central” for the Expo
  • Provide Maps, Programs, Answer All Questions
  • Hand Out and Collect Michy Contest Sheets, and Answer Questions About Them
  • Provide Information About MHC and Programs, Including Scholarships

Friday ~ Michigan HS Rodeo

Saturday ~ NRHA Open Reining Competition

Sunday ~ Ranch Rodeo

Midwest Mounted Archers

Michigan Mounted Police

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Youth Program

Featuring: Craig Johnson

Featuring: Terry Myers

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