If you have any concerns about the website, please contact Kevin Piper. If your link isn’t working, if there is a mis-spelling of your name or business, if a function on the website isn’t working properly, please do not hesitate to send a quick email so that he can make those corrections.

Email: Kevin@MichiganWebService.com

We use Kevin for all of our internet needs. He has built 3 new websites for us since coming on board. In addition to taking care of our website, he also operates our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and also sits on our committee for the Michigan Horse Expo. In 2016 he put together the Michy Challenge in an effort to find a way to get our youth more involved at the Expo in hopes that it would bridge the gap and create more excitement for them in the equine industry. This year it was decided that our focus would be “Our Youth – Our Future”. It is very likely you will see Kevin involved in those areas at the Expo.